Membership brings you security

As a member of Loimu, you have access to comprehensive and competitive member services that take into account the different needs and wishes of the members in terms of the stage, situation and career of your life. As a member, you will gain security in your working life, support and information for your career that you would not receive elsewhere.

Loimun iloisia jäseniä

Unemployment fund membership

Through Loimu, the members – also student members – can join the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko. Only as a member of an unemployment fund can you be entitled to earnings-related unemployment benefit during unemployment, lay-off or job alternation leave.

Työttömyysturva Loimu

Membership fees

Our membership fee is a fixed monthly fee, from which it is possible to receive a discount in different life situations. The most convenient way to take care of the membership fee is an e-invoice, which you can order in your online bank.

Kysyttävää jäsenyydestä?

Membership benefits

Take advantage of and save with the benefits of your membership. To take advantage of membership benefits, you need your membership card, which you can find in the Member+ app.