Negotiations on universities’ collective agreements continued on Friday: key role of shop stewards in local bargaining stressed

The negotiations on the collective agreement for approximately 34,000 university employees continued on 18 February.

“We began discussing the role of shop stewards and the related provisions in the collective agreement,” Katja Aho, head of collective bargaining at JUKO, says.

Aho points out that the collective agreement guarantees the universities broad opportunities for bargaining on working conditions locally, at a university level, and that shop stewards’ skills and the time they spend fulfilling their duties also benefit employers.

“However, local bargaining is only effective when shop stewards have enough time for it. Because the employer also benefits from the shop steward’s work, we believe that extra hours spent on shop steward duties serve everyone’s interest.”

JUKO stresses that the broad opportunities for local bargaining require shop stewards to have, in addition to extra time for the task, increased rights for receiving information.
JUKO, the Pro Trade Union and the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL are also aiming for better pay and more secure careers, as well as a longer period of protection when facing dismissal.

The negotiations will continue on 3 March. Approximately 2,000 of Loimu’s members work at the universities. Most of them are part of the teaching and research personnel. Many are working on their doctoral thesis.

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