Loimu took part in the Pride week with donations

Loimu has made donations to rainbow-specific youth work, as well as to work with asylum seekers and refugees from sexual and gender minorities.

The Loimu Bureau decided that Loimu would contribute €1,000 to rainbow-specific youth work and €1,000 to Together With Pride.

Young people belonging to sexual and gender minorities are vulnerable. The goal of the year-round youth work at Helsinki Pride Community is to develop youth work in such a way that every young person will be encountered and respected as they are.

Asylum seekers and people with refugee backgrounds belonging to sexual and gender minorities are also vulnerable. Many have traumatic experiences from their countries of origin, and the structures of the asylum process often do not provide sufficient support and tools to survive. The Helsinki Pride community’s Together with Pride work offers professional support, peer support groups and contributes to promoting the rights of LGBTQ asylum seekers and refugees.

– We at Loimu want to promote equality both in working life and elsewhere in Finnish society. Equality is one of Loimu’s values, and this year we are pleased to support the Helsinki Pride community’s goal to eliminate inequalities in culture, language, and society’s structures, values and standards. Our common goal is to promote the respect for diversity, says Mikko Salo, Executive Director of Loimu.

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The Helsinki Pride community is a non-governmental organisation and an expert organisation whose goal is to eliminate inequalities in culture, language and social structures, values and standards.

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