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Starting a business in Finland

Webinar, 17th of Nov

Are you thinking about starting your own business in Finland, but not quite sure how to take your idea into action? Join us in this webinar to learn what the basics of forming your own company are. Our guest presenter in this webinar is Business Advisor Viera KaramOulun seudun Uusyrityskeskus / Oulu Enterprise Agency.
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Work contract – what to know?

Webinar, 22nd of Nov

Join the webinar to find out exactly what needs to be checked and agreed before signing the contract. Trainer is Legal Advisor Marjaana Kousa from Loimu.
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Mapping your skills and competencies

Webinar recording

Knowing your skills and competencies is essential in job seeking and overall in career planning. By mapping your skills and competencies, you can widen up the possibilities you have.
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