The technology industry’s collective agreement has now been signed

The salary settlement of the agreement provides the opportunity to negotiate a good salary settlement locally, and its tailgate entry guarantees everyone a salary increase if no local agreement is reached.

The 2023 tailgate included a 1.0 percent quota to be distributed to everyone, which is 12.5% of the monthly salary. The general increase for all is 3.0 percent. The workplace-specific quota issued by the employer is 0.5%.

The 2024 tailgate guarantees a general increase of 1.3% for everyone, with a workplace-specific quota of 1.2%.

The total cost impact of the two-year solution is 7 percent for the contract period. The general increase comprises 4.3 percent.

Family leave was a major and important objective. Now, the parent giving birth gets 32 weekdays of parental leave after 40 weekdays of pregnancy leave. The same 32 weekdays also applies to the parent who does not give birth. The solution is equal and the first in the technology industry. Agreed family leave provisions help to better integrate the obligations of parenting and working life.

There were changes to the lay-off notice and change negotiation periods. They were somewhat shortened to counterbalance family leave. The shorter negotiations period is now 7 days and the longer 28 days.

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