The Finnish government’s new general collective agreement entered into force on 1 March 2023 and remains effective until 28 February 2025. The total salary increase for the agreement period is 6.0% and an additional one-time payment will be made in 2023.

  • General pay increase of 3.5% on 1 May 2023. A one-off payment of 12.2% of monthly salary (a minimum of €500) will be paid in April 2023. 
  • General pay increase of 2% and a department increase of 0.5% on 1 March 2024

In addition to the salary increases, there are some improvements on paid family leave as well as other small but important changes to the terms of employment. For more information see the JUKO website (in Finnish).

Municipalities and wellbeing services counties’ salary increase negotiations reached an agreement on 7 March 2023.

Salaries will increase by 4.1% on average in 2023

  • General pay increase of 2.2% on 1 June
  • Local salary settlement of 0.7% on 1 June
  • Pay programme: local salary settlement of 1.2% on 1 June
  • One-off payment of €467 at the end of June

Salaries will increase by 4% on average in 2024

  • Pay programme: centralised salary settlement of 0.4% on 1 February
  • General pay increase of 2.27% on 1 June
  • Local salary settlement of 0.73% on 1 June
  • Pay programme: local salary settlement of 0.6% on 1 June

More information on the JUKO website (in Finnish).

Collective agreement for the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health for 2023–2025 has been accepted. In 2023 all graded salaries under the collective agreement will increase by 4% on 1 August. A one-off payment of €400 will be added to April’s salary payment.

New two-year collective agreement for 34,000 university employees has been approved. General pay rises will increase salaries by a total of 5.5%. In May, full-time university employees will receive a one-off payment of at least €400. Part-time employees will also get a one-off payment in relation to the part-time employment. For more information on the new collective agreement, visit the website for for university employees. 

Private sector, YTN contracts
– more information on the contracts at YTN website 

The negotiations for the chemicals industry reached an agreement on 29 but it was rejected by the YTN. The negotiations will start again soon. You can follow the situation on the YTN website.

The collective agreement for the design and consulting industry is effective from 22 February 2023 until 30 November 2024. Salary increases are agreed upon locally and if no local salary settlement is reached, the so-called safeguard (perälauta) is applied. As for family leave, it was agreed that paid time off for the non-birthing parent will increase from 6 working days to 32 working days. The paid family leave for the birthing parent will shorten by 4 working days, resulting in 72 working days.

The agreement for the technology industry allows for a decent local salary settlement and its safeguard ensures an increase for everyone in case a local salary settlement is not reached. In addition, the contract includes paid time off for the birthing parent with 40 working days of pregnancy leave followed by 32 working days of parental leave. The same 32 working days applies to the non-birthing parent as well.

The collective agreement for the private laboratory sector came into effect on 3 March 2023. Salary increases are in line with the so-called general policy and include the family leave solution with 40 working days of paid pregnancy leave and 32 working days of paid parental leave.

The collective agreement for the Finnish Wildlife Agency reached an agreement that is in line with the so-called general policy on 17 February 2023.

Loimu’s own contracts

The negotiations for the professionals of forest bioeconomy reached an agreement on 10 March 2023 and for the Finnish Forest Centre on 17 March 2023. The salary settlements for the two-year agreements are in line with the Industry Union’s technology industry model and the family leave solution is included.

The collective agreement negotiations for Metsähallitus are still ongoing as the magazine goes to press.

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