Mentoring can help at the turning points in your career

You can still apply for the mentoring programme that starts at the beginning of next year and lasts for six months!

Loimu’s mentoring programme is intended, for example, for recent graduates, new doctors and soon-to-be graduates who are undecided about their place in working life. Mentoring may also help when you move from an expert position to a managerial position. The six months mentoring programme includes three common events in which people can discuss about skills and strengths, find motivational career paths and build professional networks. The common events about the basics are held in Finnish, but mentoring itself can be arranged in English, too.

The programme is organised in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists.

The mentoring application form should be submitted by 11 October 2023. The participation in the programme requires an independent, active and bold attitude but in return, it will improve your career management skills.

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We are also looking for mentors, i.e. experts and managers with a minimum work experience of 10 years to complement our mentor network.   We are especially looking for mentors from the pharmaceutical industry, ministries, associations and the academic world but also from many other organisations. If you are ready to discuss career-related matters and various available options with an actor, indicate your interest to our carees services via email

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