Loimu opposes the planned three-month unemployment rule 

Finnish government is planning to tighten the control of work-based residence permits. According to the planned legistlation, if a person with a work-based residence permit residing in Finland becomes unemployed and does not find a new job within three months, the person would have to leave Finland. Currently there is no set time limit. In Denmark and Norway the limit is six months.

The change sends a worrying signal to both foreigners considering to move to Finland as well as people already working in Finland on work-based residence permits. As a country Finland needs to increase work-based immigration, not set more limits and obstacles for immigrants. On individual level, forcing one to leave after a three-month unemployment period is a huge stress factor and makes settling down in Finland an unpredictable option. It might lead to tragedies where people have their whole families and lives here and then are forced to leave based on this arbitrary rule. 
It is also worth considering that recruitment processes to many jobs, especially those demanding higher education and a sophisticated skill set, usually take at least two to three months from application to recruitment, sometimes more. At worst, Finland would be kicking out of the country just those highly skilled specialists it so sorely needs. 

The Government is scheduled to send the proposal for public consultation in spring 2024 and to Parliament in autumn 2024. Changes would enter into force in 2025. Loimu will participate in the public consultation and we will voice our concerns and critique. 

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