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Loimu offers science based short video tutorials from Academy of Brain.

Topics cover time and self-management, co-working and leadership, hybrid work, conflict resolution and interaction and wellbeing. Note:  First sign into Member pages through OmaLoimu and then see the videos by clicking the links. 

Attention Deficit Trait

Are you often feeling a little distracted? ADT is a tendency to jump from task-to-task and trying to do too many things at once. Around you, devices are alerting you to every message and email. In this short video we will tell you how to cope with distractions. 
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Quality interaction in hybrid work 

While working remotely, it is often easier to focus on the matter at hand and forget about the underlying emotions and experiences. In addition to facts and tasks, you should pay special attention to people’s emotions and create a strong sense of community. 

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Giving and receiving feedback 

Feedback is not about one person telling others how they should do their work. The goal is to recognize together what you have done so far and how you could develop your actions further. There are three simple quick-fixes for you to begin with. 

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