Elections coming up – Run for the Loimu council for the term 2025-2028!

Get involved in influencing your professional union’s activities and run for the Loimu Council elections!

What does the council do? 

As a member of the council, you will have the opportunity to make decisions about Loimu’s strategy, activities, and finances, including membership fees. Additionally, you can develop skills beneficial in the workplace, such as negotiation skills and decision-making abilities. 

The council has two statutory meetings a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. As a council member, you can influence the union’s operations and expand your professional network. In the council, you will be at the forefront of labor market activities. 

Could I be a council member? 

It is important that council members represent the diverse membership of the union and that there are various perspectives and expertise within the council. You do not need prior council experience, as we will provide orientation for all council members at the beginning of the new term.  

What is it like to be involved in the council? 

What thoughts and experiences do current council members have about working on the council? Watch the video below (video available only in Finnish).

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How to become a candidate?

All student members and Full members who have joined by July 31, 2024, are eligible to run as candidates in the election. 

You can become a candidate either through an electoral association or an electoral alliance. You can form your own electoral association with a friend, or if you belong to a member association, you can contact your member association and ask them to act as an electoral association. 

More information about becoming a candidate can be found on our website.

Electoral associations can form electoral alliances with each other because the elections use a proportional representation system. This means that the person who receives the most votes will get the full number of votes obtained by their electoral association or alliance, the second person will get half of that amount, and so on. 

It is advisable to announce the establishment of your electoral association as early as possible, as we will list the established electoral associations, electoral alliances, and their agents’ contact information on our website so that interested members can get in touch with them. 

See the already established electoral associations and alliances on our website.

The establishment documents for electoral associations and alliances, as well as candidate lists, must be submitted to the union via an online form by September 4, 2024. We will verify the eligibility of the candidates and send links for answering the voting advice application. Additionally, candidates will receive an invitation to remote candidate training sessions on September 12 and September 17. 

You can find all the forms for candidate nomination on our website: How to Become a Candidate?

The elections will be held in October

In the elections, all student members, senior members, and full members who joined by July 31, 2024, are eligible to vote. You can check your voting eligibility from September 17 to September 24, 2024, by logging into OmaLoimu. The elections will be conducted electronically.

When voting begins on October 8, 2024, a link to the voting system will be updated on Loimu’s website and sent to members via email and text messages during the election period. The election results will be announced on October 30, 2024. The term for the new council will begin on January 1, 2025, with the first meeting scheduled for January 25, 2025.

Council election schedule 

  • Eligibility: All student and Full members who joined Loimu by July 31, 2024, are eligible to run as candidates. 
  • Voting rights: Members who joined Loimu by July 31, 2024, are eligible to vote. 
  • Candidate nomination deadline: September 4, 2024. 
  • Voting period begins: October 8, 2024. 
  • Last day to vote: October 29, 2024. 
  • Election results announced: October 30, 2024, on Loimu’s website and via newsletter.

More information about the elections: loimu.fi/en/council-elections

The Loimu Council is elected for a four-year term, with the next council elections taking place next fall. What does the council actually do and what kind of matters can you influence there?  Read the article in Loimu magazine (available only in Finnish)!

Download the article

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