Changes in Loimu memberships and membership fees

We have reformed the membership levels, their contents and the fees. From January 2024 onwards, the membership levels for students are Freshman, Student and StudentPlus. Full members remain Full members.

What is different?

  • The Freshman level is the same as the current one, but lighter. The Freshman level will continue to be a fixed-period, free of charge membership that includes Turva traveller’s insurance and initial counselling from Lakiluuri. The Freshman level will be automatically updated to Student level after the end of the autumn semester of the second year.
  • The Student level includes the same services as the Freshman level, as well as personal career counselling, salary advice and legal consultation.
  • StudentPlus level includes all of the above, plus the possibility to join an unemployment fund and to use the legal protection benefit accumulated since the Freshman level. 

The change will not affect the benefits or services of those student members that have joined before 1 January 2024. The goal of the reform is to support the increase in Loimu’s memberships and to help students find the services and benefits useful to them.

Full members’ services and benefits will not change.

Changes in membership fees

In their 2023 meeting, Loimu’s Board of Delegates has established the Loimu membership fees for 2024:

  • Full membership EUR 390 per year.
  • Full membership without unemployment fund membership EUR 327 per year.

Both membership fees were increased by one euro. The membership fee can be paid either by using a paper invoice (instalments 4 x EUR 97.50) or by using e-invoice (instalments 12 x EUR 32.50). A new payment method will also be introduced; MobilePay invoicing.

The membership fee for entrepreneurs, those organised also with the Finnish Union of University Professors and recently graduated members for 2024 is EUR 195 per year.

Board of Delegates also increased the gross income limits:

  • When your gross income is EUR 2,900 or less, the membership fee is EUR 291 per year
  • When your gross income is EUR 2,400 or less, the membership fee is EUR 195 per year
  • When your gross income is EUR 1,800 or less, the membership fee is EUR 138 per year

Income means salary, entrepreneur’s earnings, grants, unemployment allowance, parental allowances and similar income.

In the future, the membership fees of grand-funded doctoral students, those on parental leave and those in military service will also be determined by income thresholds. The change will clarify the discount policies. You can apply for discounted membership fee using the OmaLoimu e-service.

The membership fees of the Student, Senior and Supporting members remain unchanged:

  • Freshman EUR 0 per year
  • Student EUR 24 per year
  • StudentPlus EUR 84 per year
  • Senior member EUR 36 per year
  • Supporting member EUR 99 per year

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