Why are we choosing to take action?

Since the completion of the Government Programme, we have tried to influence the Government’s working-life reforms through negotiation and agreement. At Akava, we are dismayed to find that, with its reforms, the Finnish Government is taking us towards a more insecure and less desirable working life. The labour market situation is becoming increasingly difficult. We are concerned that Finland’s strong tradition of co-operation in the development of working life is in danger of coming to an end, even though we have committed to it by way of international agreements.

In Finland, we need long-term and sustainable, competence-based growth as well as the Finnish way of making reforms through agreement.

If the working-life cuts proposed in the Government Programme are implemented, they will hit hard the highly educated and other employees, who, with their competence and expertise, are tasked with ensuring the success of Finland and the functioning of society. The cuts would also affect young people and students. We are concerned about juxtaposition and social divide.

We highlight solutions and negotiations

We have presented our solution proposals, which have been decided upon by Akava’s Board, to Prime Minister Petteri Orpo and proposed the start of negotiations, but we have not received any response. Nonetheless, we believe that our proposals would help to achieve competence-based growth in the current difficult economic and employment situation. They would also help to build trust and faith in the future.

At Akava, we oppose many of the Government’s working-life proposals, although we believe that balancing the economy is a worthy goal. We believe that the desired economic growth would be promoted by us continuing to have a stable labour market and a balanced working life. A healthy employee is a productive employee. They are able and willing to take responsibility and play their part in building success for Finland. They develop their own skills.

We still hope for and demand negotiations and co-operation. We want to continue with the Finnish way of carrying out reforms through negotiation. This is what we are communicating through our activities and communications together with our unions.

We demand negotiations that would bring balance to the reforms

We demand that the Government does not implement the changes unilaterally, without examining the overall effects of the cuts. We expect the Government to adopt a more balanced policy of working-life reforms. We call on the Government to take action to resolve the labour market crisis and to convene negotiations in which we could work together to find solutions.

We would like to emphasise that every working-life reform decision must be evaluated from the perspective of competence and on the basis of researched information. Their implementation must be negotiated and decided upon through the means of a society based on agreement. In our opinion, there must be a fair and supportive labour market in Finland. This will allow us to ensure growth, well-being and the stability of our society.

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