Update your membership information and you could win a Jopo bike! 

When was the last time you checked and updated your membership information? Are your employment details up to date? Are all important messages from Loimu and your own member association reaching your correct email address? Have you checked your membership fee status or updated any possible discounts on membership fees?

Between March 25, 2024, and April 17, 2024, check and if necessary, update your own membership and contact details by logging into OmaLoimu.  

After updating your information, remember to save the changes. If your information is correct, remember to click the “My membership information is up to date. I participate in the draw.” button. 

This way you automatically participate in the Jopo bike draw and stay best informed about the association’s activities. You could already be riding a new, cool ride in April! 

The prize of the draw is a single-speed red 24-inch new Jopo bike, as well as a cycling helmet to ensure safe rides. The bike and helmet are provided by our partner insurance company Turva. Read more about your membership insurance and benefits. 

Good luck in the draw!

Read more: Additional information and draw rules.

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