New trainings in English for autumn

Calm your mind 10th of Aug

Mindfulness helps us to identify our own thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors and meet those with wisdom and kindness. It strengthens resilience and allows us to be more present and calm. Read more and sign in.

Career story: Majella Clarke 6th of Sep

How to combine working with climate change issues, AI and art? Majella Clarke is passionate about promoting the role of digital transformation within the circular economy, and how AI and Data Science can be used to solve sustainability and climate change issues. We talk about scientists and researchers analytical world, and how it can be combined with art and creativity. Read more and sign in.

Habits in work life 5th of Oct

The past two years were marked by a series of unexpected global and regional challenges. This forced organisations to do both, rethink their visions of the future of work and spur their digital transformations. Participants will get inspiration and recommendations about new possibilities to apply and drive impact in their field. Read more and sign in.

Learning ecosystems 9th of Nov

t is necessary to explore, experiment and develop new ways to connect the core elements and processes that support learning, entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration in the digital era. For this, we need to start working together instead of staying in silos, and to develop new cooperation models. Read more and sign in.

Work contract – what to know? 22nd of Nov

Are you ready to sign a work contract? When agreeing on the job, the employment contract terms and conditions should be reviewed carefully, as it is challenging to make changes afterwards. Sign in to the webinar to know, what needs to be checked and agreed with the employer.

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