Services and benefits in a nutshell

Take full advantage of your membership!
Loimu’s membership benefits concern both the student and ordinary members.

What kind of services and benefits that will save you money are included in your membership? Here are some examples:

Service or benefit

Value* euros

Employment relationship services

Employment advice provided by an attorney (60 min) 


Employment contract revision (30 min)


Career services

Commenting the CV


Meeting with a career expert




Salary recommendation


Membership benefits

Union’s insurance package (insurance for travellers and working life)


Discussion about the estate inventory deed with an attorney 30 min (Eversheds)


A total of more than

EUR 1,000

* The values have been calculated based on the prices of similar services than can be purchased on the free markets.

The membership fee of a trade union is tax deductible and the union reports the payments directly to the Tax Administration.

Your membership fee covers the following services.

Personal advice on

  • terms of employment
  • salaries
  • career
  • how to write a good curriculum vitae/résumé/covering letter 


  • on working life issues
  • career development

- available mostly in Finnish

 Unemployment insurance


  • Liability insurance for accidents etc. at work and (legal cover)
  • Legal representation in case of a law suite concerning the terms of employment (only for law suites raised by the union)
  • Travelers' insurance (does not cover luggage)
  • The central labour market organizations have also agreed on the provision of group life insurance coverage for employees. For more information see the pages of EGLI


The puclications are available only in Finnish.

  • Loimu magazine, 6 issues per year
  • The Akava calender
  • The Guide to Acquisitions in the Laboratory Field, every other year

 Legal counselling in private matters

  • As a Loimu member you are entitled to legal counselling on your private matters by telephone offered by JB Eversheds Attorneys Ltd. Read more

Holiday cabins

  • SMKJ holiday cabins in Levi, Tahko Ruka, Ylläs and Meri-Teijo
  • Cottage in Nuuksio National Park







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